1284 Majesty of the Seas Tips


Oct 12, 2014

Try to participate in as much activities as possible. Before you realize, the cruise is over, because everything goes so fast! There is too much to do.


Apr 01, 2013

There are two areas in the buffet. Go to the one in the back. It's not as busy until the last couple days when everyone else figures out to go back there. If there are no seats in the dining area, go upstairs to Sorrentos for more seating and it's less busy.


May 14, 2015

Bring extra money because the shore excursions are worth it and some cash for when you reach the island. In Bahamas they mostly accepted cash and the ATM's charge a pricy fee


Jan 16, 2017

nice small ship not too crowded everyone very courteous


Jan 13, 2015

We were glad that we purchased our excursions ahead of time. We did purchase the Coco Cay Stingray Excursion on ship right as we entered the ship when the lines were short. Otherwise the lines always seemed to be long. We chose to carry our luggage off ship the morning of departure...shorter wait.


Oct 03, 2013

onboard time while in port is always a good way to go- less crowded and more relaxing.


Mar 14, 2013

Johnny Rockets was awesome, Windjammer Cafe was good. The windows from the Windjammer needed cleaning bad and obscured anyone's view from the ship. The comedian/Juggler was very good, very entertaining and funny. Enjoyed his show.


May 16, 2013

Carry your own luggage, on and off the ship. If not you could wait hours for it. Do my time dining, that way you can eat dinner at the time you please.


Apr 01, 2013

nice cruise for the price but not extravagent food or services.


Apr 05, 2013

It seems older. Next one we go on will be a newer one for sure. We didnt get enough time on the ship, you need at least a day or two to just be on there to enjoy what they have to offer and RELAX.


May 27, 2013

Ship is old but is kept very clean and the captain showed pride on it


Apr 15, 2013

Schedule your dinner for the later dinner time. Service is much quicker!


Apr 30, 2013

The breakfast in the dinning room was always hot and served to us with a smile and friendly.


Oct 03, 2011

Big tip. Don't bring so many clothes! You never wear them all. And watch out for flying objects in couples game. Got hit in the head and opened a big gash. Yuk!


Apr 11, 2012

watch the sunset from the unusual aft decks


Jan 20, 2013

Go to top deck after partying is over lay back on a chair let your thoughts take over. Its the best way to be relieve from all worries and to winddown after celebrating.


Jan 25, 2013

Try the Mexican beef stew in the Winjammer for dinner. Best thing we ate on the ship!


Feb 21, 2013

Go to the Compass Deli... they have excellent healthy sandwiches and great salads... and the most important... IT IS COMPLEMENTARY!!!!


Nov 11, 2014

Don't buy the excursions on the ship, cheaper at the port. Only drink during the happy hour times and special drink specials.

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