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Oct 12, 2014

Try to participate in as much activities as possible. Before you realize, the cruise is over, because everything goes so fast! There is too much to do.

Apr 01, 2013

There are two areas in the buffet. Go to the one in the back. It's not as busy until the last couple days when everyone else figures out to go back there. If there are no seats in the dining area, go upstairs to Sorrentos for more seating and it's less busy.

Jan 16, 2017

nice small ship not too crowded everyone very courteous

Aug 01, 2016

Take the excursions!

May 14, 2015

Bring extra money because the shore excursions are worth it and some cash for when you reach the island. In Bahamas they mostly accepted cash and the ATM's charge a pricy fee

Jan 13, 2015

We were glad that we purchased our excursions ahead of time. We did purchase the Coco Cay Stingray Excursion on ship right as we entered the ship when the lines were short. Otherwise the lines always seemed to be long. We chose to carry our luggage off ship the morning of departure...shorter wait.

May 08, 2014

Dont buy seashells when at port. Most people who did could not bring them on board and had to throw them away if they didn't have time to return them for their money back.

Dec 05, 2013

If you know how...,yes, you may play the white piano in the lobby...Thanks and congratulations for the understanding!

Feb 08, 2017

Times of activities are exact. Don't be late or you'll miss it. Arrive at the last minute for the Muster drill. You'll still be the a half hour.

Aug 11, 2016

We could have stayed at Cococay both days..

Jun 27, 2016

Make sure to bring any medicine, sunblock or any other similar items with you because buying them on the ship gets reeealllly expensive.

Feb 29, 2016

Interact with the staff as much as possible, there are many nationalities on board.

Feb 29, 2016

The Coco Cay Island is great - we anticipated staying on the ship and found that the Island was a fun relaxing day on the beach. The BBQ was fun and tasty.

Dec 17, 2015

get a room with a balcony

Sep 15, 2015

Include a room freshener in your list of things to take with you.; I did and it helped some. Enjoy the Talent Show in the Dining room (dining room wait and kitchen staff) and the Parade of International Flags, and most of all, compliment the good service provided by the staff; they deserve it.

Aug 17, 2015

When disembarking choose to go early and take your own luggage. Would save at least two hours delays...

Aug 13, 2015

Do not miss the "Centrum" activities/mini-shows, they are the bomb!

Aug 04, 2015

You can always ask for ice water from any of the bartenders if you don't buy a drink package.

Jul 14, 2015

I know you can't control little kids banging on doors but maybe a big sign near staterooms stating "Please be quiet" or something like it would be nice.

Jun 29, 2015

Don't put any magnets near your room key. The room key gets erased every time.