135 Maasdam Tips


Apr 06, 2013

Very quiet cruise and this made it very enjoyable.


Sep 26, 2014

The Lido deck was always a great place to eat.


Nov 06, 2014

On port/tour days its much faster to eat on the Lido deck than wait in dining room for fine dining


Apr 20, 2015

Don't book an outside cabin in the aft section.


Oct 01, 2015

The 4th floor was easy to move around the ship. Elevators were never crowded and real close to our cabin. Also close to the Medical Services. Thank goodness we didn't have to use them.


Apr 27, 2018

Great for our age group. Can not comment on children service s.


Apr 15, 2013

Thought lido deck food was better than Rotterdam dining room.


Apr 25, 2013

Avoid unless you have no other options or costa/carnival is the only other option.


May 31, 2011

Beware travelers! The ship never makes it to Montreal and the cruise line does not tell you until the night before. They bus you to Montreal from Quebec and literally dump you on the pier to fend for yourself. Do not travel this cruise line!


Apr 09, 2012

You can go straight to your cabin upon boarding!


Sep 06, 2013

Very nice, seemed smaller than other ships we've been on, but that was Not a problem, easier to learn to get around!


Dec 27, 2013

lines at buffet. especially when they close one side for staff only dinner. slow at omelets and also lunch. Lido pool had salmon and chicken all afternoon. Never a problem getting a lounge chair.


Apr 17, 2014

The dining room for breakfast was not very good. Long waits so people would go to the lido buffet which was always crowded. The staff did their best under the circumstances but management have taken a dive in there efforts to cut corners. Once Holland America was like floating Hilton. It is now


Jul 04, 2014

This was the smallest ship we sailed with and we noticed the ease of getting around and the lineups for meals and shows were much nicer than the larger ships.


Jun 23, 2015

Old ship showing its age


Jan 21, 2015

Smaller ship made for easier get around without the crowding on the larger ships.


Jan 26, 2015

We enjoy cruising and consideration cruising to be the best value of vacation dollars We enjoy the smaller ships and hope that Holland American continues to provide its customers with the smaller ships... although we hear that the Statdam and Ryndam are being sold...


Jan 26, 2015

only disappointment----afternoon tea ! A teabag in a cup is NOT what one expects at a tea. Also cold scones, and then a long wait for jam and then another wait for cream for the scone-which never did arrive. I went twice,in hopes that the first time was an error.


Jan 26, 2015

The small size was and under 1300 passengers was great.

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