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Oct 01, 2015

The 4th floor was easy to move around the ship. Elevators were never crowded and real close to our cabin. Also close to the Medical Services. Thank goodness we didn't have to use them.

Apr 20, 2015

Don't book an outside cabin in the aft section.

Nov 06, 2014

On port/tour days its much faster to eat on the Lido deck than wait in dining room for fine dining

Sep 26, 2014

The Lido deck was always a great place to eat.

Apr 06, 2013

Very quiet cruise and this made it very enjoyable.

Jul 10, 2018

Ask for a fan for your stateroom. Cabin never cooled to a comfortable level.

Jul 09, 2018


Jun 12, 2018

Bring your appetite. Great food!

Jun 09, 2018

Expect to go to bed early and be bored. Not a ship for solo travelers or anyone looking for a party cruise.

Jun 05, 2018

The $49 unlimited laudry srvice was a great way to pack fewer clothes and always have what you need clean to wear!

Jun 05, 2018

It is a nice small ship. We got to meet a lot of interesting people.

May 22, 2018

Note that this cruise is populated by older folks.

May 22, 2018

Bring your own water with you and wifi is very expensive.

Apr 27, 2018

Great for our age group. Can not comment on children service s.

Apr 25, 2018

Check with Holland American to see if they have updated oceanview and veranda rooms.

Mar 29, 2018

The layout of the showroom in the upper floor is not well designed, and one has to be in the room well ahead of time, to get one of the few choice seats.

Mar 29, 2018

7pm Trivia in the Mix is lots of fun! And check out the Crow's Nest, beautiful views from the top.

Mar 18, 2018

Read carefully all the information you get ahead of time and consider following all tips and advice. They are most helpful.

Feb 03, 2018

If you want a smaller ship where you can get to know people on your cruise this is a great ship! Talk to people and you will make many new friends! I have been on many cruises and got to know people, but this ship is really one of the easiest to get to know other passengers. You will always find someone you have an affinity for, no matter who you are!

Jan 27, 2018

Too small for rough seas, nearly everyone was sick. And missed 1/2 the ports. So there isnt enough to do on a small ship with no ports and sick people.