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Light and luscious, the open buffet at the Lido Restaurant offers something for everyone.

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by drrose

The food in this buffet area was either soggy, over cooked, or not appealing. I was disappointed with the quality of the food. The selection was the same each day and each night.

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by chefchampagne

This was where we ate most of our meals, because it was included in what we’d already paid. The highest volume restaurant on the ship, it’s basically a cafeteria dressed up as a buffet. Best stick to things made to order like salads or pasta. Anything sitting under the heat lamps was over cooked. Good luck if you have a food allergy, nothing is labeled and the staff isn’t well educated about what it means have a gluten allergy for instance. I asked for gluten free toast one morning, it was sliced on a cutting board covered in regular bread crumbs. I asked for a new piece and then it was put into the regular toaster where it landed in even more bread crumbs. I asked for a new piece and 10 minutes later got a warmed piece of gluten free bread. Thankfully I was watching closely, I would have gotten really sick. Gluten free pasta was offered but I didn’t dare try it. Some further training would be appropriate. Omelets and fried eggs were great! Salad bar was also wonderful. One gluten free dessert was offered a night other than ice cream, it was available to everyone so I didn’t always get to try it. Taco bar next to Lido pool was pretty good also.

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by PenguinScott

Wonderful variety, but onions in the tuna, yuk!

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