The Lido Pool, domed by a retractable glass roof, enjoy swimming, sunning and lunch al fresco by day give way to the hum of moviegoers arriving for the evening's show, projected on an expansive outdoor movie screen. Feature films play under a canopy of stars with complimentary snacks served chair-side and guests can also pick up a great dish from any of the adjacent casual dining venues.

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by VTPenguin

A little small and the area around it is hogged by chair savers.

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by njanders26

The Lido pool was a nice area because it has a retractable roof so during the day it would be open to allow you to enjoy the fresh air and sun. At night the roof would be closed so you could enjoy the area and not be chilly or windy. This area is also where you can get Dive In and New York Deli and Pizza.

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by EricMiller

small pool, not enough chairs, when roof is closed no air circulation, it gets very hot!!

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