Culinary Arts Center on Koningsdam

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A dramatic show kitchen and individual cooking stations that will be used exclusively for activities such as cooking demonstrations and hands-on classes by visiting celebrity chefs and the ship's own experts. Regionally inspired workshops, as well as kids' and teens' cooking classes, also will be featured.

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by m13martin

Wish this experience was on every ship.

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Isn't overley conducive to groups of six or more in terms of places to sit. However, the food made up for it and we enjoyed sampling each others choices.

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by majmom96

I didn’t care for the Culinary Arts Center on the Koningsdam. On other ships it is a comfortable theater type environment with cushioned chairs and large TV monitors for watching cooking demonstrations, but in the Koningsdam they changed it to high tables with hard chairs and the viewing for the cooking demonstrations is not very good. There are seats with obstructed views and the video monitors are also obstructed.

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by Jeepwmnz

The meal was exceptional and the interaction with the Chef was awesome. Highly recommended.

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