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Wine venue in partnership with Chateau Ste Michelle of Washington that allows guests to blend from among five red wines to create their own wine.

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by njanders26

Blend was a fun experience. There was a small intimate group that got to know each other through the wine blending experience. First you learn about the wine and vineyards and what goes into making a wine. You’ll then learn the science of blending wine and the different proportions you can use to make a wine you’d enjoy. Then you get to taste each of the wines and learn about each one. The fun part is starting to blend your own concoction with 10% of one wine, 40% of another, and 50% of the last and you keep doing this until you have the perfect bottle. I believe I blended about 7 beakers before I found what I really enjoyed. Once you find the perfect match then a bottle is made and you create a label for your masterpiece that you can bring to dinner or back to your stateroom. It is recommended that you drink onboard as it won’t travel safely.

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It was an interesting experience but overpriced for the outcome. Our sommelier was very knowledgable and engaging. She made it worthwhile.

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