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Mar 20, 2020

Get to know all the areas. Spend time in each open area. Get to know the staff. The adults only pool and bar was awesome for swimming, games, and drinks.


Mar 20, 2020

The Island Princess is a smaller ship, but for me personally I like the larger ships. The ship is older but it is very nice inside. It was refurbished in 2017 and they did a great job. There wasn't a lot of production shows on board, and every thing seemed to close down around 10PM.


Mar 14, 2020

Get a cabin near midship.


Mar 10, 2020

Need to be willing to overlook outdated ship condition. It needs a thorough renovation from air conditioning control and capability. Temperature is freezing in many bars and the theater. Cabin temp adjustment does not set in until hours later. Mostly older folks with lots of health problems to start with. Dining room floor has so many levels and steps that are easily missed. Hallway, at least on deck 8 is very uneven with dents and carpet shows signs of many ‘leaks’ The exhaust of the gray water tank is located near the theater entrance which is nauseating at best on most days and also irritating on deck 7 outside promenade. Food is okay but nothing to write home about. Ship needs more than a 10 day update though it did sail well in some rough seas. However the water shuttles (tenders) were unreliable and one wonders how they might work in real emergencies.


Jan 14, 2020

Don’t miss the last day shopping experience. Buffet foods are better than those in the formal dining rooms.


Jan 09, 2020

Our cabin was L706 across from entrance to Teen Lounge....a bit noisy at times in the evening.....however we were teenagers once....


Jan 04, 2020

I assume this cruise is for older people.


Jan 02, 2020

Pre-pay gratuity and purchase the internet package. Purchase show excursions prior to boarding.


Dec 29, 2019

Bring lots of reading material. Great for alot of R and R but unless you are in your 70s it's boring on sea days. Some great lectures though. Music very old type... I'm in my 50s and music very old. Lots of violin type bands. But great for rest and relaxing.


Dec 28, 2019

Great layout - pick this ship for Panama Canal, it fits in the old locks


Dec 28, 2019

Get to shows early since the room is small and seating fills up quickly.


Dec 24, 2019

Don’t be surprise about the size of your stateroom bathroom shower.


Dec 24, 2019

even if you dont pay for internet service, you can still use the medalion net app to access your account, daily activities and message other guests


Dec 23, 2019

Get a room in the middle of the ship


Dec 23, 2019

Don’t be surprise about the size of your stateroom bathroom shower.


Dec 23, 2019

The Island Princess is one ship where the most convenient cabins are forward of midship. There are few public areas towards the stern


Dec 21, 2019

All cruise lines are different. All cruises are different. Keep an open mind. This was a fantastic trip. I will definitely sail princess again


Dec 18, 2019

You can’t really see the canals at work from your room. Go to the back of the ship on floor 8. On 14 & 15 there were lots of people and glass over the rails so you couldn’t get good pictures.


Dec 17, 2019

Just know its a smaller ship and set your expectations accordingly. Also, 10 days to the canal draws an older crowd. I'm 39 and was one of the younger people on board.

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