631 Independence of the Seas Tips


Dec 12, 2019

Get up early and enjoy the sun rises From your room or upper decks. Great way to start your day.


Dec 12, 2019

Bring metal straws as the paper ones get soggy within a minute or so 😀


Dec 12, 2019

Book it , you won’t be disappointed!


Dec 10, 2019

Take a selfie with the dog! It's a cute memory that I doubt many partake in.


Dec 07, 2019

Be ready to walk. The ship is long


Dec 04, 2019

Disembarking was a pain in the neck. A bitter spot in an otherwise flawless experience.I know that this was not the fault of the Independence of the Seas, but we should have been warned.


Dec 03, 2019

Terrible experience.. I am extremely dissapointed in general


Dec 02, 2019

Have only moderate expectations so you will not be too badly disappointed


Nov 28, 2019

Go to a bigger ship, or be ready and patience for all the long lines


Nov 28, 2019

if you want to watch any kind of show at all you had better be early or you will be standing


Nov 28, 2019

U either need to be a kid or old that doesn’t like to do much since there isn’t much one show a day


Nov 27, 2019

To get prepared for long lines getting off the ship


Nov 24, 2019

Overall my family had a great time and look forward to going again make sure if you do not buy the beverage program that you bring a 12 pack I didn't like that you were not able to get drinks after a certain time


Nov 24, 2019

Learn the ship layout ahead of time. It will save you a lot steps.

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