631 Independence of the Seas Tips


Mar 04, 2020

Skip the $80 food tour in Falmouth, Jamaica and instead head to the Hampden Estate rum distillery, which offers a generous lunch and plenty of history for $50.


Mar 02, 2020

It is a large ship with a lot of people. Go to buffet breakfast and lunch early to avoid the crowds


Mar 01, 2020

Don’t get bogged down on wanting to do everything. It’s not gonna happen. Enjoy yourself


Mar 01, 2020

See Albert in the casino for drinks!!! You must see a show on this ship!!


Feb 29, 2020

If you are a cigarette smoker the only place you can smoke inside the ship is in the casino. Or the nearest spot we found is on the 4th deck right outside the door there's tables and ashtrays. Otherwise you would have to go to the pool deck. And the free coffee is on Deck 5 in the back of the expresso shop. There is a large variety of tea also. Also make sure you bring cigarettes when you depart. They will not sell you any until about a hour after departure. They will also try to sell you duty-free cartons that day. It would be better to wait until you get to Falmouth. There is a two carton pack for $30.


Feb 29, 2020

Explore the layout when you first get on. You can do so with more leasure. It will make it easier as the days wear on to have a clearer idea as to what is where.


Feb 27, 2020

If you are a smoker, you will love this ship.


Feb 22, 2020

Amazing upgrades , as compared to the Freedom of the Seas, Sister Ship.


Feb 20, 2020

The food in the Main Dining room is Mediocre.


Feb 19, 2020

Get your coffee from the bar in the windjammer (where the espresso machine is). I have found the coffee RC serves is always bitter. I am always so excited to remember I can get a latte or cappucino. They have fresh orange juice there, too!


Feb 18, 2020

Grab lunch at the steakhouse or one of the other pay to eat restaurants on the day of embarkation. It’s such a relief after a half day of traveling to sit down and be served.


Feb 16, 2020

On any cruise, bring sanitizer wipes, and sprays, and when your able to go into your cabin for the first time, wipe everything down! normally you don't have your luggage yet anyway, so clean sanitize the handles, phone, remotes, etc, etc, etc.


Feb 12, 2020

find your spot away from the crowds


Feb 11, 2020

The only food by the pool cost extra. Every other ship I’ve been on had something quality for free.


Feb 11, 2020

Get to the pool deck early if you want a lounge chair on sea days.


Feb 11, 2020

Do not book turtle, stingray, land and sea. That excursion is terrible. They take you from one crowded gift shop to another. Book the stingrays only or beach it.


Feb 10, 2020

If you have a four year old prepare for them not to be able to do many activities


Feb 09, 2020

Bring metal straws as the paper ones fall apart in frozen bar drinks.

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