631 Independence of the Seas Tips


Aug 12, 2011

By purchasing Soda Packages before your cruise, you save time and money. It may seem expensive at the time, but it is well worth it. A typical 5-7 night cruise costs around $42 for adults and $28 for children.


Jan 16, 2013

The buffet in the Windgamer was excellet and the food selection changed every day.


Sep 20, 2012

They film late at night just outside sorrentos for the morning show on tv, so walk past and give evryone a wave!


Jan 30, 2013

The art auctions are entertaining and always offer free champagne.


Dec 23, 2014

Overall, the most important thing I can say that should apply to everyone is that Labadee was, in my opinion, the absolute worst part of the trip--and a waste of time and money.


Jan 12, 2013

The ship is so beautiful, a lot of activities around every single day that was very nice.Food on general is ok. We notice that on the guest services some of the crew are no very friendly special the people from Europe so serious face most of the time. The casino need to update the free gift is better is given to us a list a $1.00 that the key-hold.


Jan 16, 2013

You can dine at the Wind Jammer Cafe' without reservations and basking in the sun by the poolside was very relaxing.


Jan 18, 2013

Dont miss the stage shows, and if you loved them see them again.


Feb 22, 2013

Breakfast in the dining room was delicious!


Dec 30, 2014

See every area in the first day or two; didn't notice a few areas until the last day on board which I wish I knew about earlier.


Feb 27, 2013

Make sure you have lunch in the dining room! The salad bar there is exceptional.


Feb 27, 2013

In he dinning room, service was fast, did not have to wait long for your food and it was nice and hot. Te service was great.


Feb 28, 2013

Chops grill is worth the money


Feb 27, 2013

We had either a breakfast or lunch in the dining room. Those meals were very good and less hurried.


Mar 02, 2013

The buffet is better then the fine dining! Check out Johnny Rockets


Dec 11, 2014

Labadee lunch is not easy - would have been easier to get back on the ship for lunch. Love the 24 hour coffee on the promenade. The shops on this ship are totally different and very nice. If you want to watch a football game on the big screen on deck - go early. No seats could be found.


Aug 26, 2019

Don’t expect everything to be perfect. Find your favourite places/ bars on the ship- the ones that work for you. Enjoy yourself!


Mar 13, 2013

Excellent entertainment. The food taste was inconsistant,meat dishes and hot soups tasteless mostly. Horrible sewer odor when walked into cabin on embarcation but resolved later. Great staff.

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