Solarium on Independence of the Seas

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Sit in one of the cantilevered whirlpools in this tranquil. adults only space with 3 decks of glass.

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by mirandajansing

Kids are allowed to run amok, why have it labeled as adults only?

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by Pikalinka

I'm assuming I'm reviewing the Escape room.... so if this is misplaced, HEY here's a review about the Escape room! I live in Orlando where there are ALOT of escape rooms of various levels of detail, difficulty, and quality. I've done at least 15 rooms before this experience. This room compared to all the other rooms, ranks really high. Beautifully detailed, they really took their time designing the room. Clean, pretty, things weren't beatup or broken. It's different from other escape rooms I've experienced, where you usually unlock 3 or 4 areas of a "room". This experience was all in one space, which was very different for me. Not other room I've played has done this yet still, all the puzzles kept my interest and were pretty involved! Also spacey so we didn't all feel like we were running into each other every moment. They also had the puzzle master stay with us in the room, which was also different from any other room I've done. Usually the puzzle master leaves and you get hints view a screen placed in the room or over a intercom. His hints were good, got the group going in the right direction without ruining the experience of us figuring it out for ourselves. The puzzles were changeling but not ungodly frustrating. I don't recommend this for anyone under the age of 14... maybe 16. It just won't be fun for them I think. Definitely fun over all though! As someone who goes to a lot of escape rooms, this was really done right! You'll enjoy it whether it's your 1st time or 15th. TIP: LISTEN TO YOUR GAME MASTER and LET EVERYONE IN YOUR GROUP LOOK AT THE CLUES

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by nanchris

Needed more sun beds,and thirty minutes was not long enough to leave your beds too go to breakfast,or lunch,before the towels was removed.

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by IveLynch

Love that there were no kids around. The pool and jacuzzi were readily accessible, and it was quiet enough you could enjoy a book. Reserve your chair early though! Very popular.

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by morganhi

Always full and closed much too early.

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