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Nov 06, 2014

We enjoy the explorers lounge as a central place to gather and read, relax and meet other people.


Jun 03, 2016

Hop On bus in Victoria was the worst only came 1 time an hour not giving time to see much -also was told if we got off there might not be room to get back on a $32 rip off I should have rented the limo


Jun 03, 2016

The Alaska Cruise is wonderful, great views and sceneries. Good weather!


Apr 09, 2015

The staf was great, spent a lot of time in the casino and all the dealers and servers in the casino were amazingly friendly. The best we have seen. too bad the Spa staff were so bad that over shadowed our whole experience. Stay away from the Spa and you will have great time.


May 05, 2015

Get a cabin mid-ship. We had some rough weather/seas and a mid-ship cabin would be smoother.


Jun 23, 2015

Desserts very good! Enjoy the Zumba!


Jan 31, 2016

We love to walk or sit out on the Promenade Deck after a wonderful dinner. That is the sweetest time... We usually have it to ourselves and sometimes we see flying fish and some night birds too.


Jul 19, 2015

At the International cafe on 5 there is a small area with sandwiches, salads, and lots of desserts and you can get them all throughout the day. However, the coffee bar right beside it costs for all coffees. Small musical groups preform there and warm cookies along with milk are offered. Yummy!!!


Jul 28, 2015

Don't play the casino. Almost no one won.


Aug 24, 2015

We were happy with everything.


Sep 28, 2015

The onboard flu epidemic was poorly handled


Oct 21, 2015

It's old . Had water leaks everywhere.


Oct 29, 2015

The best cabin for us is on Lido deck near the exit to pool areas.


Nov 11, 2015

Elevators were abysmal--frequently didn't work and very slow. We would have used the stairs more, but we were with our 93-year-old father and that would have been too difficult.


Nov 11, 2015

The food in the dining room was very good


Nov 18, 2015

Old, tired ship. Unless you are over 80 years old, don't waste your time or money. You will be frustrated with the wheel chair and walker jams!


Jan 28, 2016

try booking a room located in the Mid Section

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