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Grand Princess

Sail Date: February 26, 2018

Ship: Grand Princess

Reviewed: 1 year ago

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I will never cruise again. I had so looked forward to this trip. I utterly can't believe that I am writing this, let alone that I lived it. I have cruised twice before, so I thought I had some idea of what to expect. I am in my mid-fifties. I fell in the bathroom of my cabin before we ever left the port. It hurt! I was incredibly embarrassed and just thankful that I did not break a bone or gash my head open. Although I could barely move my shoulder and had a headache for three days, I did not go for medical assistance. I had read a previous review where someone said that they had received a $5,000 medical bill for minor care on a ship. I decided to just suck it up and make the best of it. However, this particular cruise has an older demographic. I would guess that the average passenger is in their seventies. There was a lot of gray hair, walkers, scooters, canes, and I ate an evening meal with a gentleman that was 100 years old. I wondered how many other people fell that first day because of the step up into the restroom. There was a small sign on the door that said "watch your step," but I missed it. I truly would have appreciated someone just mentioning this hazard when we were embarking. "Watch that step up in the bathroom if you haven't cruised recently," would have saved me a lot of pain. The first night at sea was a terror. I had seen one too many movies about ships in trouble. I was literally afraid that I was going to die. There was a storm, we happened to be on deck five, aft, and we rode that bed like it was a roller coaster all night long. The ship was moaning and creaking and banging and rising and dropping. The waves were huge and crashed against our window. I did not sleep at all. In hindsight, I wished that the captain had made an announcement of some kind just to let us know that everything was okay, and that things would improve. There was silence. I talked to several employees the next day and they told me it was the roughest ride they had ever experienced. For the next three days, I obviously did not feel too good. A little dizziness, a headache, and an upset stomach. I essentially stayed in bed most of the time, but did go to a couple of shows and try to eat dinner. However, I did feel depressed. We had spent over $7,000.00, and had planned to renew our wedding vows. I have a heavy duty job and had not taken a full week of vacation time in over ten years. I was sad that I felt yucky and things were just in a funk. Today we reached our first port in Hilo, Hawaii. Last night, I asked my husband to go to customer service and cancel our shore excursions. We had paid about $1,500.00, and I felt ill and could barely lift my arm. I had not slept well for several days, because even when the storm calmed, our room P205, never stopped rocking. I had previously sailed on Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas, which is huge, and I never felt any movement. There was also constant pounding in the daytime above our room. This would not have been a big deal, except that I was not sleeping at night. So, here comes the unbelievable part. When my husband tried to cancel the shore excursions, they said that I would have to see the ship's physician. My husband asked if they had a psychiatrist, because I was not only physically sick, but depressed. They asked him if I was suicidal, and he replied that I had mentioned having thoughts of wanting to jump off of the ship because I really, really, really wanted to get off of that rust bucket. All hell broke loose. They expelled us from the ship, and put a guard outside of my room. It was the most humiliating experience of my life. The physician came to my room after I had taken sleeping pills. My husband woke me up and asked if I wanted to talk to the Dr. I did not have my glasses on, the room was dark, and I looked at the physician and said, "No, thank you. I will be fine." He did not ask me if I felt suicidal. He did not ask me if I was okay. He did not ask me anything. I completely understand the need to be extremely vigilant. I was on a previous cruise where a crew member jumped overboard and committed suicide. It was incredibly sad, and I continue to have concerns about the working conditions of these wonderful people who are almost indentured servants. Every person who worked directly with the customers was a class act. So, I was under house arrest on what was to be my 20th Anniversary celebration. We are at a hotel in Hilo, and will have to figure out how to get home. I will never ever cruise again. I would just as soon ride on a rocket to the moon than go through that again. So, don't fall in the restroom. Be aware that the sea is a wild thing, and the Grand Princess is just old enough that she does not handle rough conditions well. Don't try to cancel shore excursions. Just go, and throw up in a bag, or stay in your room and forfeit the money. Be aware that that Princess is risk adverse to the point of absurdity, and it would have been prudent to simply ask me about my state of mind. Don't tell your husband things in an abstract manner, as he might just take it literally. And, when you think that you have seen and heard it all, just know that you haven't. I have concerns about someone going overboard on a Princess cruise, but unfortunately, I believe that it will be one of their own employees. Too many hours, too small of quarters, and an overbearing, heavy-handed corporate presence that is going down for the third time under the weight of their policies and procedures. And, I am not sure that there truly was a Captain on this ship. He supposedly made the decision to kick my butt off, but never made contact with me. I think that it would have been prudent to do so. Happy sailing and bon voyage to all that will continue to roll the dice with Princess. I would shop around and make a well informed decision when you are spending money that could purchase a nice used car. No class at the top of this organization, and over-worked souls propping up this behemoth. Aloha from Hilo. Wish that I had a pair of ruby slippers. I would click my heels three times and this would all just have been a dream.
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