Boasting panoramic views from its vantage point on the Sky Deck, Skywalkers Nightclub invites you to spend an evening dancing, socializing, and enjoying a few cocktails in a cosmopolitan environment 15 decks above sea level.

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by millersaboard

Fantastic venue for a wedding 😊 The travelater as the aisle was fabulous .... we were a group of around 40 so too many for the chapel Was a gorgeous location for an equally gorgeous ceremony with the bride in a gold wedding dress 🥂

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by GregPet

Well passed its use-by date, unfortunately.

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by jerryford16

A high up place to have a party!

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by JazzyClarinet12

When not being used as a night club, Skywalkers is a fantastic place for a quiet read with amazing views of both the ship and the ocean. However, after about 5:00PM ship time, you can begin to get events happening and your quiet retreat will transform into the centre for night time ship life. If you have the time, I really recommend checking it out.

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