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Golden Princess Bars

Explorer's Lounge Photo

Explorer's Lounge

(7 Reviews)

The high-energy atmosphere and state-of-the-art sound and lighting system of the Explorer's Lounge p...

Lobby Bar Photo

Lobby Bar

(16 Reviews)

Relax in the Lobby Bar with a refreshing beverage while you sit in the middle of all of the action....

Skywalkers Nightclub Photo

Skywalkers Nightclub

(4 Reviews)

Boasting panoramic views from its vantage point on the Sky Deck, Skywalkers Nightclub invites you to...

Wheelhouse Bar Photo

Wheelhouse Bar

(4 Reviews)

Princess memorabilia decorates the nautically-themed Wheelhouse Bar, where the attentive staff is al...

Player's Cigar Bar Photo

Player's Cigar Bar

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Golden Princess Casinos

Casino Photo


(5 Reviews)

Satisfy your taste for excitement with a night of testing your luck, wits, and skill in the Casino....

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Golden Princess Entertainment

Atrium Photo


(8 Reviews)

With its glass elevators, tasteful decor and central location, the lobby boasts a convenient recepti...

Princess Theater Photo

Princess Theater

(9 Reviews)

In the Princess Theater, great acoustics, comfortable seating, and a state-of-the-art sound and vide...

The Library Photo

The Library

(2 Reviews)

Curl up with a book or choose a board game from the shelves and enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the Li...

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Golden Princess Kids Areas

Arcade Photo


(3 Reviews)

Get your game on - how 'bout a little Tetris or Donkey Kong... What? They don't have those any more...

Fun Zone Photo

Fun Zone

(1 Review)

Forget your hard hat, this area is zoned for fun: video games, ice cream socials, foosball, pajama p...

Off Limits Photo

Off Limits

This teen hangout is off limits--and that means you. They'll stay busy onboard with foosball, a juke...

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Golden Princess More Features

Princess Fine Art's Gallery Photo

Princess Fine Art's Gallery

Guests sitting in chairs looking at artwork, while sipping champagne Well-presented space offers int...

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Golden Princess Others

Internet Cafe Photo

Internet Cafe

(3 Reviews)

Surf the Internet while you're skimming the high seas. This cafe offers wireless access and computer...

Medical Center Photo

Medical Center

(1 Review)

Let''s hope that you're reading this out of curiosity rather than necessity. If anything hurts, the...

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Golden Princess Pools

Calypso Reef And Pool Photo

Calypso Reef And Pool

(3 Reviews)

Located on the Lido Deck, the Calypso Reef and Pool is the perfect place to relax while you settle i...

Neptune's Reef and Pool Photo

Neptune's Reef and Pool

(2 Reviews)

Conveniently located on the Lido Deck right beside the Trident Grill, Blackbeard's Bar, and Prego Pi...

Terrace Pool Photo

Terrace Pool

(4 Reviews)

Situated on the aft of the Riviera Deck just underneath the Horizon Terrace, the Terrace Pool provid...

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Golden Princess Shops

Photo Gallery Photo

Photo Gallery

(6 Reviews)

I don't know about you guys, but we love pictures of ourselves and this is the best place to do it....

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Golden Princess Spa/Fitness

Aerobics Photo


(2 Reviews)

Get your heart rate in the target zone by taking a cardiovascular class. Dont worry--youll forget al...

Beauty Salon Photo

Beauty Salon

(1 Review)

Let the stylists at the beauty salon help you turn heads at dinner with the latest looks or a color...

Gymnasium Photo


(3 Reviews)

Feeling guilty about that third creme brulee? Don't sweat it. Stop by the well-equipped gym to do a...

Jogging Track Photo

Jogging Track

(2 Reviews)

Nothing should come between a runner and his or her routine--not even the ocean. Hit the jogging tra...

Lotus Spa Photo

Lotus Spa

(5 Reviews)

Dedicated to the complete rejuvenation of your body, mind, and spirit, Lotus Spa provides gests with...

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Golden Princess Sports

Cybergolf Photo


(2 Reviews)

Fouuuuuuurrrr!!! Oh wait, it's only Cybergolf - sorry if you dove out of the way for no reason. Do...

Princess Links Photo

Princess Links

(1 Review)

Go beyond the driving net. Address the ball on the Princess Links, a computerized golf center with m...

Shuffle Board Photo

Shuffle Board

(2 Reviews)

Come up to this deck to show off your shuffling skills... and if you don't play so well, just blame...

Deck Chess Photo

Deck Chess

Queen's rook to pawn's... ummm... I give up. Combine chess with cruising in this outdoor gaming are...

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