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A full-service facility hosting a wide variety of aerobic, yoga and Pilates classes, as well as health seminars. Lift on the latest weight machines, step it up on TV-monitor-equipped ellipticals or book an individual session with a personal trainer.

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by PlutoGirl

Hard to find without asking someone (Not that people aren't helpful, but I'd prefer there be signs so I don't have to stop and ask early in the morning when I'm not fully awake). We never found it on our first cruise on the Magic, but found it this time and really enjoyed it. I think the location thing is a common issue because I heard people at Cabanas talking about also not being able to find it. (I found it because a forum post between the two cruises gave detail on how to get there). One nice thing is that it seems to be less crowded in general than the Fantasy's fitness center. Maybe because that one is easy to find and this one is hidden? Either way, it was nice.

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