Aug 25, 2015

The spa areas were very popular by day, and almost a queue to get into them. But after dark you could soak as long as you like, and even watch movies under the stars if you got the right seat.

Mar 21, 2013

We were on a higher floor with an inside room when we got on the ship. Realizing we would like to have a room with a window we requested at the main desk that if any came available we would like to change rooms. On the third day our wish came true and we were then on the lower deck where the dining room, desk, excursion office was and we loved it. We did not have to wait for lifts like those on the higher decks. But of course it is all in what a person likes. We had a window and was just a few doors down from the laundry area which was very convenient on a long cruise.

Jun 06, 2017

This cruise was very poor. I believe that Princess cruises are usually very good. I do feel though that Princess let down their loyal customers. They were more interested in handing over to P&O than considering the quality of this cruise that they sold at normal costs. Very disappointed.

Mar 12, 2017

Fit in as much onboard entertainment as you can, especially productions in Princess Theatre

Mar 09, 2014

Internet is expensive. If you have a laptop or electronic device that you can use offline, write your email, then go on the internet to send it. Hygiene - I brought my own hand sanitizer and used it often. With so many people packed together on a ship you are more susceptible to catch something.

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