Club Fusion on Crown Princess

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The high-tech Club Fusion features 42 high-definition video screens and a spiral staircase. Show off your dance moves into the wee hours in this upscale nightclub.

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by chw6586

Great had an outstanding dance class in this venue. It was well above the beginner level these classes usually are. One of the best areas on the ship.

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by nancyjcbs

Zumba in the morning; Band in the evening. This was the only area of the ship where temperatures were kept low.

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by Bellerio2000

Great location and place for a little late night dancing and a nightcap. We are not night owls by any means but would take advantage of Happy Hour at 10pm and be in bed by 1130. It's great not having to go far to enjoy these evening venues.

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by CynNic

The all night long party at Club Fusion and the Skywalkers Nightclub was depressing. DJ Layla would be looking for song selection on a laptop without any interactions with the guest. A DJ is supposed to get people out on the dance floor. She looked depressed and choose songs that left the dance floor mostly empty. We love to dance and this was a GREAT disappointment.

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