19 Celebrity Xpedition Tips


Apr 05, 2020

1. Structured trip relying on excursions with lots of walking consider your level of mobility. 2. When you board there will be nice Nalgene water bottles in your room. Write your name and room number on them and fill them with ice water before leaving on any excursion. Waiters will fill them for you at end of breakfast and lunch. 3. They have walking sticks available when you leave for an excursion don't be embarrassed take one if you need it 4. Get an expedition type hat with a wide brim, baseball cap will not cut it.


Feb 18, 2020

Warning! The ship had run aground a few months ago and was out of service for several months. We called Celebrity about a month before we sailed and we’re told the ship was already back in service. However, we were actually the first time it sailed. We were told that previous sailings were cancelled each week two days before embarkation! Most people had other travels arranged before and/or after the cruise. Celebrity dropped the ball in cancelling week after week. (Celebrity- if there is more to the story, please post). Still, we did get to go and it was an amazing experience!


Jun 10, 2019

Bring rain coat and no red yellow or orange clothing


May 28, 2019

Pack light, keeping comfort in mind. No need for dressy clothing or heels! And don’t worry about getting the “best” picture. The crew snaps photos along the way and shares with each passenger at the end.


Feb 10, 2019

It’s the best company in Galapagos islands


Aug 05, 2018

We had no issues on this cruise.


Feb 07, 2018

This is a small ship in the Pacific. We did rock a lot, but the wave frequency was slow enough it didn't seem to be a problem for seasickness. I am not aware of anyone who had bad seasickness, but plan of bringing an ear patch if you tend to get sick.


Sep 29, 2017

The Xpedition never docks in port. You will always get off and on with an inflatable Zodiac boat. Staff are always there to assist you. The Zodiacs add to the adventure of you trip.


Mar 12, 2017

Be ware of their "Best Price Guarantee” - read the fine print !


Mar 05, 2017

Internet was very slow but it was good to unplug for a bit. I used the ships mask and snorkels and they were great but I'm a recreational snorkeler. There is a small ships store on board for a few gift type items and clothing but bring batteries if you need them and plenty of sun screen! nausea meds


Feb 03, 2017

The one area most apprciated was housekeeping and food/bar service attention to detail. Three time daily our room was addrssed by houskeeping and maintained well above that whichg was expected. Bar service/attetinon to needs was most pleasant and friendly.


Aug 14, 2016

Bring good walking shoes and socks for the hikes. Even though you are on the equator, long sleeve shirts and long pants are very useful for hiking and for your days in Quito before and after. Bring a hat with a chin strap that will not blow off when you are traveling back and forth on the Zodiacs.


Mar 09, 2016

Internet VERY slow. Don't know if this can be improved.


Jan 14, 2016

Internet is amazing slow but it is free. Do not pre-purchase an internet package for this cruise.


Dec 02, 2015

Practice snorkeling and walking before you come. Each day is rigorous and exhilerating. Prepare 1-3 miles over sometimes difficult terrain. Do not expect to use the Internet for anything but slowly getting email. Do not try to meet them in Baltra. Take the whole roundtrip package from Quito


Nov 05, 2015

Internet was iffy at best.


Aug 12, 2015

1) The internet is VERY slow if you can get on at all. There should be a way that they can fix this. 2) I would recommend that if you have your own snorkeling mask, you bring it. The ones that they provide are a 1 size fits all style that doesn't.


Jul 22, 2015

Be cautious of what you eat & drink in Quito...it can make or break your cruise!


Jun 27, 2014

If you value great food and a smooth ride, select a different ship.

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