The Sunset Bar provides breathtaking views of the length of the ship and the entire world around you. With its Country Club inspiration and relaxed atmosphere, you'll experience comfort from a point of view you've never before imagined.

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by adam316

We spent a lot of time up here during the days and some of the nights. The staff here were the best we experienced on the ship. Radley and Norris are top notch employees and i dont know how they keep doing it everyday. I mean smiling and joking and going non stop all day and never having a sour look once. Remembering drink orders of so many people from day to day. This bar is amazing and so is the crew that run it.

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by ShooterFlatch

We enjoyed hanging out at the Sunset bar for the great view. I also enjoyed the drinks at the World Class Bar. The friendliest bartenders seemed to be at the Martini Bar, though everyone was professional and there was never much of a wait. We had the premium drink package which was probably close to a break even, but worth the convenience of not being concerned with prices.

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