200 Celebrity Edge Tips


Dec 29, 2019

Take the Celebrity bus from Miami airport to Port Everglades


Dec 29, 2019

If you check off that it’s your honeymoon don’t expect anything special. I only expected something because they asked but honestly nothing happened. It was an amazing cruise still.


Dec 25, 2019

If you are a “traditional cruisenik “ keep an open mind about this newer ship


Dec 24, 2019

Find a travel agent worth their salt and let them deal with all the crap you have to wade through getting assistance with your trip planning. DON'T believe the reservation times on your app (the one they encourage you to use onboard).


Dec 24, 2019

Participate in everything, do not miss the shows ...they are spectacular 👏💖👏


Dec 18, 2019

DO IT!! Make sure you understand about moving through the 4 main dining rooms BEFORE you sail! We had a fixed time for dining-6PM>< which unfortunately FIXED us in one dining room! We had to go to the concierge to get permission to move through the 4 restaurants. I met more than a few cruisers who were having the same challenge. Everyone wants to experience the 4 main restaurants but the dining room staff seems to be very challenged as to how to do tis. I thin on this one thing, The EDGE needs to look at how Disney Cruises successfully moves their passengers through the main dining rooms.


Dec 18, 2019

Try to get a suite if you can.


Dec 18, 2019

Study floor plans ahead. The bars have minimal seating. All high end shopping


Dec 10, 2019

I have one main beef with Celebrity based upon past and this cruise. They are marketing to the LGBTQ community. I believe Celebrity is sailing into uncharted waters with the emphasis on LGBTQ clientle. I have a few gay friends but do not want to spend my vacation with gangs of them that I do not know. EDEN WAS TURNED INTO A GAY BAR (focal point for social gathering set up by Celebrity) and many/most of the other guests I met avoided that area. That was a BIG disappointment for my wife and I. We were looking forward to the unique area and entertainment - NOT gangs of gay men (and loud/proud/drunk Lesbian women) monopolizing the bar and acting like they owned the place (which they did with Celebrity's help). I have 3 future cruises already booked on Celebrity and am considering cancelling them and switching to a Cruise line that does not promote the LGBTQ culture. My loyalty is being eroded with this controversial marketing direction.


Dec 09, 2019

There's nothing "In The Closet" about this ship. Be prepared for seeing things you don't normally see on other cruise lines


Dec 08, 2019

If you want to mostly sit and relax this may be the ship for you. If you want more fun and activity probably not.


Dec 03, 2019

We were previously Aqua Class fans and might still be on the Solstice class, but on this ship it just isn’t worth it. The Blu restaurant is worse, and the spa improvements are not compelling. Consider Concierge if you still want the 5 points per night.


Nov 30, 2019

Make sure you allow plenty of time on board to see everything. Even after 14 nights I still didn’t see everything


Nov 27, 2019

Enjoy the four main dining rooms and save your money for other spending such the casino or shops.


Nov 27, 2019

My advice would be to explore the ship from top to bottom, make it a point to locate the names of the seven wooden statues. be sure to find all the little nooks and viewing areas that offer various ocean views.


Nov 25, 2019

If dining at Raw on 5 - recommend the Imperial Tower for an excellent seafood sampling.


Nov 22, 2019

Forget all other ships you were on before, go open minded. This ship is really different.


Nov 22, 2019

Try it. It’s a game changer.


Nov 22, 2019

Overall, a wonderful trip. I would definitely sale the celebrity edge again! We thoroughly enjoyed the transatlantic cruise home from Italy. After spending a couple weeks touring Italy it was nice to relax on a beautiful ship with family!

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