The Lawn Club on Celebrity Eclipse

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A freshly manicured lawn on the highest deck. Enjoy casual outdoor activities in a decidedly Country Club atmosphere, and let the grass between your toes take you places no cruise has gone before.

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by Gizfriend

This review is for the Hot Glass Show -not sure where to find it to review. So, I am putting it in the Lawn Club section. The Hot Glass Shows were excellent. This is the third cruise we have been on with the hot glass shows. This was by far the best. The three artists, Tom, Rebecca, and Jeremy, were all excellent. Their level of skill and creativity was exceptional. We saw many complicated and beautiful pieces being made. It has increased my appreciation of glass art. Unfortunately my budget does not allow me to bid at the auction, but those people who did get the auction pieces are very fortunate. They took home gorgeous pieces and helped good causes. I am very disappointed that Celebrity will be changing the hot glass format. They will be using the space for guest experiences (revenue producing opportunities for Celebrity). Although it would be an interesting activity to try, I would love to have the hot glass demonstrations continued. There are very few places to watch that level of artistic skill and creativity. Other hot glass demonstrations I have seen (while interesting and fun) have been shorter, and the pieces created necessarily much simpler. Hopefully Celebrity can strike a balance, and include both experiences in the future.

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