1047 Carnival Vista Tips


Jan 20, 2020

Great for kids! Pay for the Cat and the Hat breakfast experience.


Jan 20, 2020

Purchase the alcohol package, without drinks are WAY to expensive. Also child care for under 2 children is difficult to manage on this specific ship. Not many KID friendly activities for younger kids. Great time otherwise !


Jan 18, 2020

Two in my party did the bike and water slide, loved them


Jan 18, 2020

Relax, enjoy! Don’t sweat the small


Jan 16, 2020

Have an open mind when sailing on the Vista if you've never sailed on a Dream class ship before. It's design is different, but we found it to be so convenient for the theater, lobby, photo place, and where we played trivia. We love the ship now - and this was our 5th time on the Vista.


Jan 15, 2020

Money trumps all. If you want nice or above average you need a thick wallet for sure


Jan 15, 2020

Don't forget to visit Guy's Pig and Anchor down near Ocean Plaza. It's hidden & only open during lunch hours, so it's easy to miss.


Jan 13, 2020

Excellent entertainment❗️Cruise director Schwartz was hilarious ❗️


Jan 13, 2020

I would tell somebody that if you want breakfast on a day that you are in port you should go to the Ocean Plaza for the buffett. There was never a line and while the options were not the same as the Lido Marketplace it was still very good.


Jan 10, 2020

I've never had seaday brunch on any ships but it was delicious on the Vista their French toast was huge and steak and eggs was awesome, so definitely try that. And because Fabolous elevators if you only have to go up one floor then definitely take the stairs


Jan 08, 2020

Made your specialty restaurant reservations way ahead of the cruise


Jan 07, 2020

The balconies on deck 9 have a nice little overhang of deck 10. This allows you to sit on the deck at any time of day without getting brutally hot. It just slightly blocks the direct sunlight.


Jan 07, 2020

My advice is to get the drink package if you like to have a drink with each meal or if you are traveling with young adults. Individual drinks are pricey and the drink package is more efficient.


Jan 07, 2020

You will have to carve out time to relax if you want to be part of all they have to offer!

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