1047 Carnival Vista Tips


Mar 08, 2020

As Always, if you plan Any activities, shows etc. get there at least an hour ahead of time before the lines get too long.


Mar 07, 2020

Great entertainment and best breakfast in the dining room


Mar 07, 2020

Load the hub app. Very useful


Mar 07, 2020

The boat rocked all week and seemed like we felt every single wave.


Mar 06, 2020

Bring extra double outlets and an extension cord. So glad we did


Mar 05, 2020

Although the ship is big..seams like everything is smaller. The showroom seamed a lot smaller than other Carnival ships.


Mar 05, 2020

Go with an open mind and enjoy the cruise.


Mar 04, 2020

If you have any spa services, they will try and hard sell you on additions.


Mar 04, 2020

They don't give onboard credits they promise


Mar 02, 2020

Experience the dining room for breakfast and dinner.


Feb 29, 2020

Have fun be light-hearted and relax


Feb 29, 2020

I had read reviews about this ships layout before we went and it is a little weird, but by the second day we all figured it out and even my 10 year old was able to navigate on her own. The ship is beautiful and so much to do. We still never found everything on the Vista. She’s beautiful though. Be patient with the lines. They move really fast so we never had to wait long at all. We reserved our table on our app for dinner and within 10 minutes and walking to the restaurant we were seated right away. For being a bigger ship, it never felt crowded.


Feb 29, 2020

The pools are small and limited so get there early


Feb 29, 2020

Book a room in the Havana area. So worth the extra cost. It's like a ship within a ship. Loved it!


Feb 25, 2020

Eat in the Main Dining room every night for the best food!


Feb 25, 2020

My advise for sailing in the Carnival Vista - just don't! Pick NCL or RC


Feb 24, 2020

If you don’t have kids, book Havana. It’ll change cruising forever for you. If you have kids, your kids will never be bored on the rest of the ship.


Feb 18, 2020

This is your vacation you get out of it what you put into it. Do things that you haven't done before and have fun. Try food you haven't tried before. Most of all loosen up and have fun.

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