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by kristin3576

I made an appointment for a pedicure for 11:45am. Before accepting the appointment time I told them I needed to be completely done, dry and out the door by 1:15. They assured me this wouldn't be an issue . They asked that I get there a few mins before . I got there at 11:35, 11:45 comes they don't take me. They finally get me at 12:05 and I ask them if that is enough time Will i be completely dry by 1:15 like I said I needed to be. They said no , first suggested i wear flip flops and when i told them i needed to be completely dry bc we were going in the water she said Okay, we can just do a gel manicure but it would cost you $25 more. I told them that is ridiculous and walked out without a pedicure. The salon was a complete scam to get more money

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by btmiller05

I had my hair cut on the first day of the cruise, and she did a great job. The shampoo massage was to die for. It felt so good.

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by CruiselineMich

Nice to get made up for dinner

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by Yedwardsv

Once I got an appointment did great job on my hair for dress up night. Definitely would use the hair salon again

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