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Aug 31, 2012

Number 1 don't lose your passport. Number 2 if you do lose it (or need to apply for one) please order the full sheet birth certificate. The 1/2 sheet can delay process and not get your new passport to you on time. Just some good information if you plan on cruising anytime soon. Happy Sailing!

Jan 20, 2012

Don't forget to take advantage of the free ice cream and pizza, on one of the top decks (I believe this is always open 24 hrs) coffee and tea is always available here too. Take your own travel mug coffee cup............

Mar 29, 2018

Do not listen to all of the nay sayers about this ship. While it is old, we had a great time and did not pay attention to all of the people that were more concerned with the age of the ship and it's background than they were with just having fun.

Dec 03, 2017

There is a great ocean view deck right off the Atrium AKA Capital Lobby, go there to avoid the crowds!

Nov 19, 2017

Do not travel with your mother. Bring extra money so you too can act like you're special and eat from the "Look at me, I'm so special" dining areas.

Nov 18, 2017

Bring warmer clothes for the ship because the air conditioning is cold even when you're sailing to a warmer port. Bring hair dryer. The dryer in the bathroom gets very hot in a short period of time, and you can't hold it any longer because it's so hot.

Sep 11, 2017

Pre order water and go to lido for breakfast. The omelet station is better than what you will get in dining room. Dinners are better in dining room.

Aug 22, 2017

Bring your own lanyard for your Sail & Sign card and also don't worry about bringing your own towels since they are provided by the ship.

Jul 30, 2017

Download the app. It was a great way to keep track of what's going on. Also, if you have kids with phones using the chat feature is a great way to touch base with your group.

Mar 07, 2017

Make sure you pack swim suit or other clothing on your carrying on. It could be a while before you get your checked bag. I also brought hanger to hang my clothes so I didn't have to walk around my luggage. They do provide a few in the room but not enough.

Mar 06, 2017

Buy endless bubbles or have case of water brought to your room before you board! Take a beach bag to shop or carry towels, sunscreen, swimsuits & sunglasses to excursions & bottled water! Replenish with water!!!!

Mar 06, 2017

Prepare for what you will do on your "fun days at sea." I know it sounds like there is a ton to do on the ship, however, after you have been on there for a half a day or so you will get bored. Go find out what time the magic shows are or go to see a comedy show. Just be sure to keep yourself busy.

Mar 01, 2017

Pack light. We overpacked and it was way too much. You will ware the same thing a lot of the time so one suitcase should do it.

Feb 07, 2017

I can't wait until my next one

Feb 04, 2017

It will be late when your bags are delivered to your room, take essentials in your carry on.

Jan 29, 2017

Try ginger tablets and Sea Bands for motion sickness instead of the typical dramamine or bonine for motion sickness. They worked for us in rough seas and don't have the sideeffects. Also, pack your own TUMS. The food is rich and there is no late night spot to pick them up.

Jan 15, 2017

Bring a lanyard for room ship and sail card.

Jan 15, 2017

For example: Pack a small bag as a carry on with swim suits, sun block, motion medicine and any other essentials as your bags may not get to your room until nearly 6pm!! We did this, but other families in our group did not and their kids could not swim until 6pm because their swim suits were in their suit cases.

Jan 05, 2017

Filip and Liza in the aclchemy bar rock!!!

Dec 24, 2016

Make sure you try the seaday brunch.