975 Carnival Splendor Tips


Nov 21, 2019

Give yourself over to the fact that you are on a ship. If you don’t enjoy, it is more your fault than the ship.


Nov 16, 2019

Deli sandwich, pizza ,wok was nice MDR if your not happy complain as food will not improve if they don’t know


Nov 13, 2019

ship's decor is a little dated, but still lovely


Nov 03, 2019

If you are a person that need special diet meals and desserts don't go on this ship not good 24 days had a problem at every meal i had notifidy ship when booked


Nov 02, 2019

Enjoy yourself. It’s a comfortable size and is headed into dry dock so will have new offerings available.


Nov 01, 2019

check the very high cost of gratuities, alcohol and extremely high cost of excursions.


Oct 27, 2019

Book the late dinner! We had booked the early dining, and we had also booked shore excursions at every port...which we also ate at. So by the time we got back on the ship, not only were we a little tired, but we weren’t very hungry. So for all our future cruises we will be booking the later dining!


Oct 08, 2019

Well since the ship is sailing away that will be left for future cruisers to answer. However, cruising to the Caribbean, it would have been helpful to know that not all places in Cabo takes cash and you would need a credit card for some purchases. Helpful hints like this in each port would be helpful if they are going to shop in port areas.


Oct 08, 2019

Bring ear plugs and expect LOTS of young families with children.


Oct 07, 2019

Coffe shop is the bomb! She girl that worked there was awesome too! (can't remember her name)


Oct 01, 2019

Get the drink package and a map of the ship.


Sep 28, 2019

Just have fun, it’s a great ship with a great CD and staff


Sep 26, 2019

The faster to fun is great as well as the Cheers package.


Sep 23, 2019

Get a suite, it makes for a much nicer stay.


Sep 19, 2019

Bring magnets to hang things on the wall, ( walls are metal ), download the ships app so you know what's " happening now ". If it's your first cruise, no need to splurge on a balcony or even a window in your room. The inside rooms are so nice and you are rarely in your room to enjoy a view anyway and you will save alot of money with an inside room. Pay for " Faster To The Fun ", you will wait less your entire cruise. Lastly, HAVE FUN


Sep 17, 2019

Just have fun and forget about your troubles. Dance, sing and explore.

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