975 Carnival Splendor Tips


Nov 28, 2020

Spend a couple hours immediately after boarding to learn the layout of the ship. Which elevator goes where, and which deck gets you to the main areas. Show up early for shows, some seats have posts that can block your view. If you are planning a pool day, show up early for a spot at the main lido pool. They usually have a lot of activities and entertainment there on sea days.


Sep 29, 2020

It was a bigger ship than the Miracle, if you've ever been on it. The layout is a bit different, so you may have some difficulty finding your way around. Your vacation is what you make it! Don't let anything or anyone ruin it for you!


Sep 02, 2020

Eat at the steak house and chefs table


Aug 24, 2020

Very nice cruise. Had to skip mazatlan and went to Ensenada instead because of weather


Aug 05, 2020

Do it it is an amazing time


Jul 06, 2020

Have a printed map with you so you can find your way around the ship easier.


Jun 28, 2020

Book the horse sunset ride in Puerto Vallarta


Apr 10, 2020

Have fun and go with the flow. It's a great ship.


Apr 01, 2020

There is generally open seating one deck above Lido.


Apr 01, 2020

Seating above the lido area is generally more available.


Feb 28, 2020

Eat at the Blue Iguana Cantina and Guy’s Burger Joint!!!!!


Feb 10, 2020

Book all your reservations early


Feb 04, 2020

It's a old ship. Needs lots of updates.


Feb 01, 2020

Fun for the partier. . . But not for those looking for a quiet time. And if you hate pink. . Not the ship for you.


Feb 01, 2020

Ship is now refurbished and sailing from Australia.


Jan 18, 2020

Enjoyed the service in dining room


Jan 13, 2020

Be prepared for all the pink. The steakhouse is tucked away, so get someone to help you find it so you'll not walking around in circles. If you haven't tried movies on the Lido, try it.

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