If you love to play video games we''ve got just the spot for you - no matter your age. Check out The Warehouse video arcade, which is equipped with the latest high tech games.

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by musicdude83

I'm mixed on this. I loved the arcade because of the range of games they had. Spent a good amount of time in here. But it's way too small. The hallway to get in can't fit more than one person walking in a line in it because they crammed so much into it, so to get in our out while its busy is a nightmare. Then, because it's a small room with lots of running electronics and people, it gets super hot in there. Arcade Power Hour was both fun AND torturous. Too many people, too few games (so lines...), and super claustrophobic.

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by myronpb76

Staff was awesome, excellent! I love you guys!!! Hope to see you again!!!

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