Carnival Sensation Activities and Entertainment

3 Venues

Art Gallery

4.7 out of 5 (3 Reviews)

Browse the diverse and stunning array of fabulous artwork.

3 Reviews

5 out of 5

by Karon4 on June 21, 2018

It was nice
4 out of 5

by Gigifiddypoo on May 23, 2018

Nice paintings. They were for sale too

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Fantasia Main Lounge

5 out of 5 (2 Reviews)

Seen any great performances lately? Well you will in the Carnival Sensation Fantasia Lounge. It features a revolving turntable, orchestra pit and a recessed speaker system. Come,... see, and rave all about it. more

2 Reviews

5 out of 5

by Karon4 on June 21, 2018

I spent a lot time here. It was nice
5 out of 5

by billycii on December 25, 2017

The shows were great and timed just right. Appreciated the PG comedy.

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Oak Room Library

4 out of 5 (2 Reviews)

Catch up on your reading, write family and friends back home or stimulate your brain with a game of Chess, Checkers, or Scrabble in the Library.

2 Reviews

3 out of 5

by Autobot on March 17, 2018

needed a moment to take the toddler in, was a little to much excitement goin on/colors/elevators, etc first day on ship. took him in their and he was calm. after that, he was rambucious to the camps
5 out of 5

by teaster on November 28, 2017

walked in this on room on 2 occasions and wish I had spent more time here. Relaxing environment, small snacks and drinks available. Never overcrowded..nice place to read or just look out at the water.... Clean and reminded me of a calm library. Read More

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