915 Carnival Pride Tips


Jul 30, 2019

Theres always something to do


Jul 28, 2019

Dont get the wifi package, just enjoy the disconnect


Jul 21, 2019

Get to know the layout before you get onboard as some of the flow isn't instinctive, especially the kids clubs which are up a set of stairs at front of the inside prominade in the bow..


Jul 21, 2019

Great ship and Bermuda is an amazing destination. There is a unique beauty there that cannot be found anywhere else. If you are into scuba diving, you will see pristine reefs and historic ship wrecks in 35-50 ft with awesome visibility. Book your dives via Dive Bermuda.


Jul 18, 2019

Just have fun and explore. There is so many things to do and visit. Half of the time u can keep up. One thing that I would say is when u get your day to day schedule. Circle the ones you want to do and get out of the way because alot of them are only there for one day during the week of the cruise sometimes two if by popular demand. But do those first and then the ones that are ones that happen every day.


Jul 17, 2019

This is a great ship for families with small kids or groups of young people. It was a bit louder, more crowded, and less personal than other lines we have sailed on. There were too many people for the pools and common areas, often leaving people standing when they wanted to sit. If you are traveling as a couple, or as a group of older adults, I would pick another cruise line.


Jul 17, 2019

If you have more then 5 drinks a day it's probably worth it to get the drink package. And at a minimum you probably should get the bubbles package as the drinking water on tap can taste weird. Oddly enough the water at the restaurant was fine


Jul 10, 2019

It’s an older rusty ship with great crew that is conveniently ported in my home area of Baltimore which allows quick and stressfree embarkment which adds tremendous value to the process by avoiding airport trips and long drives to reach port of call


Jul 08, 2019

Be warned, it is an older ship, still nice but older


Jul 07, 2019

Explore the nooks and crannies, lots of interesting places to sit and watch the water that aren’t obvious.


Jul 02, 2019

Adults only fun - Carnival Quest was the most fun I'd had in a long time. Truly is only for adventurous, not easily embarrassed adults. It was 11:15pm, so stay up late if you're an early to bed person


Jun 28, 2019

Lanyards, water bottle (reusable), and magnetic hooks for your room


Jun 28, 2019

Take the ship tour, we did not realize what an operation it is and will definitely do it next time.


Jun 25, 2019

Loved the boat. Wish things were more reasonably priced though.


Jun 23, 2019

If you do not have a private balcony the sunset garden on deck 3 forward is a very nice little get away.


Jun 23, 2019

Just relax and enjoy, its the only way you will ever want to vacation again


Jun 17, 2019

Be prepared to provide your health history and medication list and complete a stress survey just for a darn manacure.

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