914 Carnival Pride Tips


Oct 20, 2019

Bring the outlet splitter and be prepared for wet desks


Oct 15, 2019

Tour the ship early and get the layout in your mind. Beautiful ship.


Oct 14, 2019

Check and make sure the AC and heat work properly before you unpack so they can fix it right away or move you to another room if one is available.


Oct 08, 2019

Only complaint was the amount of Smoke fumes coming from the Casino for all of the smokers


Oct 08, 2019

Don't do it. It's an old ship that needs to be updated.


Oct 08, 2019

Take a stroll through the sunset garden; it's a hidden gem.


Oct 06, 2019

Getting a goat cheese pizza, bucket of beer and relaxing on our balcony was our fav.


Oct 06, 2019

Leave problem behind, Sail and enjoy every minute of it you can dress up like a royalty too!


Oct 03, 2019

Go to the casino and have fun playing your favorite machines.


Oct 01, 2019

Few things to think of: you are allowed to bring in 1 bottle per person. Not sure how much cans of soda you can bring in but based on what I heard, 2 x 24 cans. Great spot to park.


Sep 25, 2019

If you do get an aft room and the seas get a little rough, the rocking can get pretty bad. If you suffer from sea sickness, you may not want at the back of the ship. We had to sail close to Hurricane Emberto and the rocking we had was pretty intense and sometimes it got frightening. I am still having vertigo episodes and I have been off the ship 3 days. But on an up note, during calm seas the aft room with balcony is wonderful!


Sep 25, 2019

If you are a non-smoker and like to gamble pack a gas mask!


Sep 18, 2019

The one piece of advice I would give someone about to sail on Carnival Pride is that it is an older ship. There is not a whole lot of extras on board like they have on the newer ship but what it lacks in these things, more than make up for in the service, cleanliness and friendly personnel.


Sep 17, 2019

Use the restrooms and showers in the Spa. They are so much more than what you get in you cabin. Its easier on your cabin mates too if you have any.


Sep 17, 2019

Go to the comedy shows


Sep 15, 2019

Go with the flow and have a great time!!!

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