Guests have told us we hit on something special with the cool Caribbean chill of the RedFrog® Pub. We've taken the best parts and brought them poolside with the RedFrog® Rum Bar, where the frog keeps the fun hopping day and night with all the island flava you know and love. Join the party at this poolside bar featuring a great selection of frog-approved Caribbean rum-based concoctions available by the glass or pitcher, plus plenty of Carnival’s signature private-label draft beer, ThirstyFrog® Red.

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by Awesomecruisers

It's nice to have a bar everywhere you go

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by smathers55

on a different note, we have been on many cruises and this ship had no alchemy bar.. with this I asked the Rotterdam bartender if I went up and got him some cucumber is there any way he could make are a cucumber sunrise... He was very rude and point at me and shouted we are NOT an ALCLEMY bar and I need you to stop asking. Ok I said a simple im sorry no would of sufficed.. so we ordered a different drink and while we were waiting a blue card couple came by and was trying to get his attention, and he gave them the hand as to stop. told them there are 3 martinis ahead of them so they have to wait. again very rude.. the gentlemen ask I just want to ask a question and this poor bar tender again gave them a hand to stop talking... the wife goes lets just look for the serenity deck they said its around here. I got up and showed them what they were looking for. they said they were done with carnival.. I apologized and said it is normally not like this, we love carnival and this is out the norm.. please give the company another chance. then again showed them where the serenity deck was . I did let them know that the wait staff out there is FANTASTIC. ask for SHALA.. as My Hubby and I got our drinks another lady came to help the poor bartender out and she too was not a happy person she I believe in my heart that she didn't mean to dumped the drink I was getting and, but she never apologized instead rolled her eyes when she saw my shirt and comment that is so dumb.. it says OH SHIP we bought the drink package... I get that they make there money from tips and I always try to tip.. I have been know to tip 50 dollars on the last day as well as tip through out the days. I was so angry and upset that I didn't finish my drink and I told my hubby that we need to help these guys out.. he was beyond mad at this point and he said we need to go report this.. this is not ok. so we went to guest services and told the gentlemen in charge I told hime that I did not get the room number of the blue card couple but the poor bartender needed a time out.. even for his own good. I have never complain about anything man this out of the norm. then we got back to the bottle of champagne and the strawberry's thank you so much after that we stayed away from the Rotterdam bar. I really hope that the couple that used carnival for the first time does come back because that was out of the norm... all they were trying to do was ask for direction on a ship. im looking forward to my post brain surgery cruise I am looking at cruise

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