29 Carnival Magic traveler questions & answers

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A: 16 years or older...depends on ship....

Answered by CruiselineMich on November 28, 2018

A: Vaping follows the ship's smoking policy

Answered by CruiselineMich on November 28, 2018

A: The simple answer is

Answered by CruiselineMich on November 28, 2018

A: The water works has two slides but they don't empty into a pool. It's a great area though. And there is a small slide for kids around 3 or 4

Answered by lnyoung on February 20, 2019

A: room service is 24 hours and only serves sandwiches and salads. Pizza can be delivered to the room 24 hours but there is a $5.00 charge.

Answered by darienchal on March 2, 2019

A: They have three private labeled craft beers!! Hope that helps

Answered by funcrusier on March 21, 2019

A: No, but you can order an 8 pack, 12 pack, or one large bottle of water onboard or before your cruise through the online Fun Shops. A 12-pack is currently $4.50.

Answered by CruiselineSarah on September 25, 2018

A: Guests are encouraged to limit their luggage to two suitcases per guest. Each suitcase should not weigh more than 50 pounds (22.68 Kilograms) and should not exceed 16"H x 24"W (40.64cm x 60.96cm)-the length of the bag is not a factor. This is printed... on the eDoc bag tags as well. If traveling by air, each airline has its own restrictions on the maximum size, weight and the number of suitcases allowed per person. In order to offset high fuel costs, some airlines are charging fees for the 2nd suitSee More

Answered by CruiselineMich on September 20, 2018

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