Take a break from all the fun you're having and grab a cup o' joe at the Carnival Cafe, our coffee bar. It's located on the Promenade deck and the specialties include tasty coffees and sweets.

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by littlebuckeye24

They have fun puzzle pages each day!

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by dventura

Thank God for this coffee. It was a lifesaver, for real. The coffee at the buffet was not good, at all. We were desperate one day and decided to pay what we assumed was an overpriced amount for coffee. Little did we know, everything there was part of our cheers drink package! And... It was delicious. Their cappuccino wasn't bad, but the real deal was the Americano with cream/sugar. A lot of people were getting their flavored iced coffees too, I didn't try one though. They also had milkshakes, next time I'll have to try those too.

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by CNev122

Stopped in for the morning coffee. I'll do the lido coffee but the coffee from Jardin is better

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by jonsay24

It was ok, probably wouldn’t get it again.

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