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May 06, 2013

make use of the steam rm and sauna behind beauty salon. hardly anyone goes there and it,s free. relax on adults only serenity deck in rear of ship, has 2 good whirlpools. eat breakfast in the dining room.


May 28, 2013

If you go ashore, go early, do not wait til 10:00 AM to get off the ship.


Apr 29, 2013

Look through the pictures that were taken of you on the ship before the last night of the cruise, otherwise, there's a large crowd to fight through on the last night.


Apr 03, 2013

Sleep in, order room service for the continental breakfast and then head to the late breakfast (my wife's choice). Wake up and have the early served breakfast in the main dining room, come back to your stateroom, take a nap then wake up and have the late buffet breakfast (my choice :) )


Jun 12, 2015

on the last day, we waited to the very last minute to exit off the ship and avoided the crowd.


Jul 01, 2016

If you can carry your bags on with you, I would recommend this over having the bags delivered. We like to do this so that we can unpack quicker and get out an enjoy the daily cocktail special and hit the Burger Bar and enjoy the delicious food.


Jun 12, 2014

Wear a watch. Take a power strip because there is only a spot for one item to be plugged in at a time. There is a outlet in the bathroom but its built into the vanity above the sink and faces down towards the ground so gravity will not let you keep something plugged in for long.


May 20, 2014

On the final day you can go to the lido buffet and have breakfast while waiting to get off the ship. if you take your time and have breakfast and get off the ship at about 10, quicker through customs and parking lot. You do not feel like your getting the bums rush to get off the ship.


Jun 08, 2014

To get to the Serenity deck go out the back of the Lido Buffet and go down a flight of stairs.


Aug 24, 2011

Try the Mongolian Grill - I think you can get this on many Carnival ships now - by far the freshest food available - you choose what you want, they cook it right there. Caters to allergies as well, which is a great plus.


Mar 20, 2013

nice and relaxing short trip cruise-highly recommend for first timmers.


Jun 19, 2013

There is all the information in you room, you only have to read it, something that need to be told to the guests, READ IT. we didn't expect to have our cabin done twice par day, until we came back the first day and my wife wasn't happy, eve though is a nice to come back and have you room clean


Apr 23, 2013

Pizza and ice cream available 24hrs a day


Apr 26, 2013

try the fiesta party boat exursion


Apr 29, 2013

The dining experience is fantastic waiters are incredible and I sat at 381 late dining and the gentlemen that served us were incredible!!!!


Jul 22, 2011

Cayman Islands - You do not need to book an excursion here - take the tender and walk - you can grab a taxi or even a mini bus and they will do a tour for you! We had a blast!


Jul 22, 2011

Any time dining - great option and the seats are located by the windows! Lido deck - get there for about 10 - still ample time for grabbing a seat. Chef's Table - if you like food, this is for you!


Aug 24, 2011

If you like the outdoor activities without a crowd - get to mini golf at around 8ish - that goes for the ping pong too - no one there, nice and clean and not too hot yet!


Jan 17, 2013

I enjoyed the Mongolian BBQ on board! I had never seen that!


Feb 27, 2014

Take your camera with you every mins! And watch our for the birds, they might poop on your head, my wife almost got hit while walking next by the pool...

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