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Art Gallery Photo

Art Gallery
(9 Reviews)

Browse the diverse and stunning array of fabulous artwork at the Carnival Art Gallery located on the...

Rock And Roll Dance Club Photo

Rock And Roll Dance Club
(2 Reviews)

Dance. Dance. Dance. The party is in full swing at the dance club. Show off your moves and make new...

Shakespeare Library Photo

Shakespeare Library
(2 Reviews)

Catch up on your reading, write family and friends back home or stimulate your brain with a game of...

Grand Atrium
(5 Reviews)

The Grand Atrium Plaza and Bar is just that - Grand. Mix and mingle with friends, old and new, in th...

Paris Main Lounge
(6 Reviews)

Meet, greet, chill and chat at the Carnival Inspiration Paris Lounge. It''s a cool place to have a d...

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