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Carnival Inspiration has two main dining rooms (Mardi Gras and Carnivale), which offer traditional early and late dinner seatings as well as Your Time Dining and is located on deck 8. The for-fee Chef’s Table experience is a specialty-dining option that brings you right into the kitchen. The Brasserie Bar & Grill is Inspiration’s lido deck buffet and is comprised of a variety of food stations.

Other than the Chef’s Table, there are no specialty restaurants on the ship, but Bonsai Sushi is an a la carte quick-service venue, as are Guy’s Burger Joint, BlueIguana Cantina, the Carnival Deli, and the 24/7 Pizza Pirate. You’ll also find the Coffee Bar where you can get specialty coffees, milkshakes, and pastries, as well as the Cherry on Top candy store with an ice cream counter. Both are a la carte.

BlueIguana Cantina Photo

BlueIguana Cantina

(14 Reviews)

Stop here for some tacos or burritos. This Mexican themed venue is casual, so feel free to bring you...

Brasserie Bar & Grill Photo

Brasserie Bar & Grill

(4 Reviews)

This area offers a wide variety of eats. You''ll find multiple buffet lines and something for everyo...

Cafe Des Artistes Photo

Cafe Des Artistes

(2 Reviews)

Take a break and recharge in style at this European style coffee bar, specializing in premium coffee...

Carnivale Dining Room Photo

Carnivale Dining Room

(10 Reviews)

Enjoy a delectable and undeniably delicious dining experience in the Carnival Inspiration Mardi Gras...

Cherry on Top Photo

Cherry on Top

(2 Reviews)

Cherry on Top is where you will find confectionery favorites and more....pick up food and apparel gi...

Deli Photo


(7 Reviews)

Pack that hoagie full of some sliced meats and don''t you forget the pickle! Lay off the onion if y...

Grand Buffet Photo

Grand Buffet

(9 Reviews)

Stroll around the buffet and explore our many international cuisines and made-to-order options.

Guy's Burger Joint Photo

Guy's Burger Joint

(25 Reviews)

This casual dining venue was developed in conjunction with Food Network personality and restaurateur...

Mardi Gras Dining Room Photo

Mardi Gras Dining Room

(15 Reviews)

Enjoy a delectable and undeniably delicious dining experience in the Carnival Inspiration Mardi Gras...

Pizzeria Photo


(11 Reviews)

Grab a slice of your favorite kind of pie here at the pizzeria. This location offers a great altern...

Restaurants Photo


(5 Reviews)

Eat whatever you like, whenever you like. Stroll around and explore our many international cuisines...

Taste Bar Photo

Taste Bar

(1 Review)

The Taste Bar is where you can taste the flavors awaiting you at the dining venues on the ship.

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