762 Carnival Imagination Tips


Mar 09, 2015

Try everything! Even if an activity doesn't sound that fun or like you'll fit it, go anyways. The crew makes everything fun for everyone.


Dec 04, 2012

Eat breakfast in the main dining room. Food is fresher than the buffet and there was no wait.


Feb 04, 2015

Be sure to go to the Deli for a sandwich, good Pastrami. If you want to see more of the entertainment go for the early seating for dinner.


Feb 02, 2016

Ok so you say you don't like cruising than your lying to yourself. Relax, sleep, read, party, listen to live music its all there so go do it!


Feb 16, 2015

Rent a golf cart at Catalina Island to get around, well worth it. But if you do, reserve it in advance. You'll get it for 3 hours vs 2 hours if you rent one on site. The extra hour will make the difference and you won't feel as rushed to return it.


Apr 23, 2014

First day we waited in lengthy lines for the outdoor buffet, not realizing that through the doors were line-free buffet stations. After that, had no food lines at all. If you have kids, the Carnival Imagination with full water park, is definitely the way to go.


Jul 23, 2014

Make your reservation for your assigned dinner earlier the wait times were about 20-45mins.


Oct 29, 2014

The Empress Deck with its large windows was great. Worth the extra cost.


Sep 22, 2013

Avoid elevators, they were exceptionally hard to get.


Aug 23, 2016

Make sure you come with a mind to relax and have fun.


Feb 02, 2016

definitely walk around the entire ship....theres an activity for everyone!


Apr 16, 2017

Go to the shows and the 18+ shows. They are hilarious and you will have an amazing time.


Jan 09, 2017

Try different foods, foods that you would not normally get at home. You can always get something else.


Jan 08, 2017

Try it all....the fun, the activities, contests, food & casino!! No matter whether it sounds fun or not, try it!! The staff makes everything fun & amusing! Even the food..try something new. There's plenty of different kinds of food onboard...just go for it!!


Jan 04, 2017

Try Guy's burgers and the taco stand.


Dec 29, 2016

Plan out your onboard activities because there are tons and most of them seem really fun!


Sep 16, 2017

Choose your dining times carefully as it will impact the shows you can see.


Aug 23, 2016

The ship is small enough to easily find your way around, yet big enough to never feel crowded. We loved having our breakfast and lunch outside at one of the bistro tables.


Apr 19, 2017

Bring a warm jacket as nights can be a little on chilly side outside of ship.


Feb 24, 2017

Get to know the boat layout on day one. There are some elevators that go to all floors, others only part way so you have to use the stairs. Elevators are slow to arrive, so have patience or get some exercise and take the stairs!

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