Fish and Chips on Carnival Glory

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You're at sea - eat some sea creatures. And while you're at it, have some chips, too. Hint: chips is UK speak for fries.

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by longhornmom3

It was actually the Seafood Shack and it was my daughter's along with the sushi place.

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by Ades

We went out February 9th,2019 on the glory and the fish and chips is no longer. It is BBQ now

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by koliphant7

I was excited to try the new venue but was pretty disappointed. The seafood was just ok. The fried shrimp looked good but it was mostly breading. We got regular and buffalo shrimp and they both tasted exactly the same. The lobster roll was also disappointing for $12. It was really tiny bits of lobster in a seafood salad on a roll. The only thing it had going for it was that you got 2 of them.

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