570 Carnival Fascination Tips


Aug 01, 2014

Every chance you have to eat in the Sensation Dining Room - DO IT! You will not be disappointed by the staff or the selection!


Aug 04, 2015

Purchase a (waterproof) camera! We loved capturing photos of our time onboard, as well as our excursions. When we went swimming with the dolphins and kayaking, we were able to take our camera in the water with us, giving us amazing photos and video! Also, bring an air freshener for your cabin!


Apr 30, 2014

There is a small Adult Only section called Serenity just off the back of the Lido deck. If you exit the doors to the left of the Pizza Bar just go down the steps. Its for 21 and older so go enjoy the quiet and two hot tubs for adults only. Unlike the other "sardine" hot tubs full of kids!!


May 25, 2013

Take a snorkeling tour in the Bahamas....I do not like water I can't see through but I overcame my fear and it was the best experience ever!!!! Just make sure you purchase an underwater camera so you can capture all of the beauty


Mar 08, 2015

We brought our GoPro and used it for our excursions and just while sitting around the pool to take pictures and videos! They turned out amazing! I also brought a mini fan to use in the room. Best idea I had!


Jun 25, 2014

If you decide to go gambling, remember to cash out your money from the casino. This is important to remember as your ship account is completely different from your casino account, even though they are accessed from the same card. If you forget to cash out, you will lose your money.


Jul 25, 2013

In Nassau, shop on the side streets not the Straw Market, you'll save a lot.


Apr 01, 2013

If you want privacy, but still want the ocean air and some sun, spend the extra money for a balcony!! We wish we had!!!!


May 29, 2013

Enjoyed some time on the Serenity Deck. It was very peaceful.


Jun 04, 2013

Go to the grill early for lunch, the lines get long


Mar 19, 2013

Get to the Serenity area early, or you won't get a chair! If you are hungry, order more than one portion from the dining room restaurant, it's included. Try something new!


Apr 09, 2013

See my comments from earlier about changing the kids club ages. This was a clean ship. I would recommend it to anyone! Spring Break was a great time to go with families. Not to many crowds. 50% kids on board so not to many partying adults to deal with. I felt kids were safe and supervised even when I wasn't around. I would like to suggest bringing or having Carnival provide walkie talkies the next time we go. The only thing I didn't like was not being able to communicate with my kids when I wanted to. I will brind post--it notes for the doors next time too! We were in a separate room from our kids. I would also like to suggest having guest services create a key for mom and dad to have for their kids room to be able to check on them. I didn't to this, but I will next time for sure. I couldn't locate my daughter one evening because she was sleeping in her room the whole time and I did not have a key to get in.


Jun 18, 2013

Good choice for Breakfast on Lido deck.


Apr 15, 2013

Taking our luggage off self service in the morning was much faster than putting it out the night before. We did have to carry it down one flight of stairs but it made for quicker debarking at the end of the cruise, we'll definitely self service from now on.


Jul 10, 2013

Don't forget about the formal dining rooms for breakfast and lunch!


Apr 25, 2013

Ask for Wayman, he is the best!


Jul 15, 2013

We did enjoy the slide. Seemed that the crew was not orginized or just tired. Food and bar staff at times was snappy.


Jul 14, 2013

Take a stateroom on the center of the ship by the center elevators, and you are close to everything.


Sep 09, 2013

Board early! If you have a ton of luggage, don't try self assist!


Sep 22, 2013

Go to the Lido deck for meals they had a lot of of food, and every meal was a variety that all could chose from. The hours that they were open was great, we were able to get food almost 24 hours a day. There was always fresh fruit and ice cream and lost of different deserts depending on your taste

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