897 Carnival Fantasy Tips


Jun 08, 2021

Wish the Fantasy was still around 😪.


Oct 02, 2020

She’s gone, man! It doesn’t matter! I’m crying. . .


Sep 21, 2020

This ship has sailed away. So sad


Aug 19, 2020

Well, that's a tough one since Carnival has scrapped the ship. I suppose we could go visit it in the ship graveyard in Turkey.


May 23, 2020

Don't pack so much! That was our biggest mistake. Take a cup to use. Relax. Enjoy.


Apr 16, 2020

Lower your expectations and see this as the most budget friendly but basic of carnival cruises


Apr 11, 2020

Older ship but holds lots of fun.


Apr 05, 2020

Trust in Carnival!!! 🚢 🚢 🚢


Mar 12, 2020

Cruise director Andy does a great job!


Mar 04, 2020

Begin motion sickness medication a day or two before setting sail...and continue taking it throughout the cruise.


Mar 02, 2020

Not a cruise for a diverse young adults. If you want variety in entertainment, choose a different ship.


Mar 02, 2020

Kid-friendly major kid friendly not for elderly adults needing a relaxed vacation or use of the swimming pool or hot tub or feel comfortable in a bar with children or feel comfortable in a nightclub with children great. Parents should listen to instructions of the staff or be removed. Not honeymoon friendly.


Mar 01, 2020

Fun time and definitely worth the money you pay!


Mar 01, 2020

Try for early dinner or you will miss some of the shows


Feb 29, 2020

Plan ahead how you will spend your week. A lot of times we wanted to do things that overlapped something else we wanted to do. Some events and activities only happen one time, other things happen different days and/or different times! When you have children, you will sometimes have to compromise.

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