897 Carnival Fantasy Tips


May 06, 2015

Definitely go to the comedy shows early if you want a seat.


May 07, 2015

You have to get to the comedy show early if you want a seat, we stood the whole time. Make sure you read the fine print. Relax and enjoy it can be tons of fun!


May 10, 2015

Make sure if you go to the shows arrive 30 minutes prior to show time to receive a good seat. The comedy shows will keep you laughing and the Motown show will keep you dancing!


Jun 04, 2015

Go to shows early or you will be standing for the show. Same for eating times....I liked being able to go when I wanted, but found it was faster to be seated if you were either early or late getting there.


Mar 31, 2016

Go to the shows early because they fill up quickly. Take a stroll through the art gallery on the way to your cabin


Feb 25, 2016

Comedy club was standing room only if you did not arrive early. Make sure you eat good before attending late night activities because the 24hr dinning did not exist. There was 24hr dinning listed on the program.


Apr 11, 2016

Bring power strip, only one outlet in room. Bottled water that is in room is not complimentary.


Dec 27, 2016

The shows are limited so go to all that are offered. The games and activities in the main club and the atrium are wonderful and great fun. Mikey always make each and every activity and memorable experience.


Oct 20, 2016

Try to get to the shows early for the better seats, the balconies are not good for viewing.


Feb 11, 2017

Use the Carnival Excursions - Eliminates the worry and guess work. These folks take you under their wing and bring you back to the pier on time.


Aug 15, 2016

Make sure you know what time the ship is leaving at every stop. They could do a better job at announcing departure times when you get to a port.


Aug 11, 2016

Must check out the comedy shows and nightclub!!


Aug 08, 2016

Loved Half Moon Cay & Atlantis shore excursions. Snorkeling was my best experience on this cruise.


Feb 20, 2017

Don't delay, make your reservation.


Apr 06, 2017

The waiter, maître's d and steward split the gratuities ($12/day = $60) The waiter received $30, maître's d $9 and the steward $21. This is a very small amount for the work this team provided. I started the cruise off with a tip for the steward and a thank you. I then left a generous tip on the la


May 25, 2017

If you can, buy the Faster to the Fun. Definitely worth it. Save your tips for the end of the cruise. Get out and get involved with the activities. Get to the comedy show early if you want to sit down. Relax and have fun.


Jun 20, 2017

When you board, wear your poolside clothes. It takes a while for your bags to be delivered to your room and you could be wasting valuable rum drinking time. Also don't drink the water in your room. Even with the cheers program, you get charged a pretty penny for the water in your room.


Jun 29, 2017

This is a fun ship and line, if you are traveling with family or friends Carnival is the way to go.


Oct 29, 2017

Make sure you ask and know where bathrooms are located because there are bathrooms around the ship, however, they are not marked very well. So unless u want to keep going back to your cabin, just remember where they r at.

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