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Jogging Track

If you''re the active type, you''ll find plenty to do in the Sportsquare. This is also a favorite for the kids. You''ll find games and activities of all kind.

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5 out of 5

by angelafei on February 05, 2018

ran around and around and around

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Mini Golf

Foooooore! Have a swinging good time at the Sun deck''s new 9-hole mini-golf course. The greens are meticulously maintained and the view is great. Just remember your follow through and no bogeys allowed.

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4 out of 5

by thenewunity on June 07, 2018

Fun I just wish they had more balls (ummmmhummm) they were out
3 out of 5

by jwilliams02 on May 07, 2018

Very difficult with it being on top and the wind blowing so bad. Just putting your ball down to start was hard. Also had to be care to not have flowing tops or dresses on cause they would blow up. LO... Read More

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Photo Gallery

The photo gallery is loaded with some of your best Fun Ship moments. Pick your favorites; then take home your fondest and most fun memories.

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