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(14 Reviews)

Our three favorite letters are b, a, and r because they spell bar, which is our favorite place. Here...

BlueIguana Tequila Bar Photo

BlueIguana Tequila Bar

(13 Reviews)

This Mexican-themed bar serves a variety of frozen tequila drinks and beer. Ask for the iguana sauce...

Grand Spectrum Plaza and Atrium Bar Photo

Grand Spectrum Plaza and Atrium Bar

(6 Reviews)

The Lobby and Atrium Bar is grand. Mix and mingle with friends, old and new, in this breathtaking sp...

Redfrog Rum Bar Photo

Redfrog Rum Bar

(11 Reviews)

This cool Caribbean ambiance will quench your thirst. Join the party at this poolside bar featuring...

Starlight Aft Lounge Photo

Starlight Aft Lounge

(8 Reviews)

Meet, greet, chill and chat at the aft lounge. It''s a cool place to have a drink, tell friends a jo...

Stripes Dance Club Photo

Stripes Dance Club

(7 Reviews)

Dance. Dance. Dance. The party is in full swing at the dance club. Show off your moves and make new...

The Neon Piano Bar Photo

The Neon Piano Bar

(6 Reviews)

Live, intimate and entertaining...check out the Neon Piano Bar for the ultimate in fun. Listen to li...

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