The high humidity provides an extremely relaxing climate. The respiratory tract is cleansed, circulation stimulated, muscle tension relaxed, the skin becomes pliant and supple. The ideal duration of stay in the steam bath is 10 to 15 minutes. The area is heated by the influx of steam. In ancient Roman times, the steam bath (“caldarium”) was the heart of the installation. In our modern bathing landscapes, more and more people are becoming increasingly appreciative of the interaction of high humidity and radiant heat between temperatures of 40-50°C or 104-112°F.The gentle care and regeneration of skin and hair, as well as relief of the respiratory organs, are among the greatest benefits of the caldarium. Using a caldarium also has a purifying effect on the whole body.

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by DaveNAlison

We did the steam bath daily as part of the thermal suite package with our spa cabin.

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by RogueTenDaBak

I did not use this area so I will give it a mid rating.

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by SuzieBrandon

We were not very impressed at all! The staff was very rude and the steam rooms were not very well kept!

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