1051 Carnival Conquest Tips


Jun 17, 2019

I read some not great things before leaving, but had all great experiences!


Mar 20, 2013

Make sure you go to the captains dinner. that by far was the very best dinning experience ever.


Mar 26, 2013

Book a meal at The Steakhouse. The food is wonderful!


Jul 07, 2013

If you are a couple, schedule to be seated alone for the dinners rather than with a group.


Apr 03, 2013

The ship was beautiful . The RENOIR Dining experience was excellent for me but my wife did not have vegetarian dishes to choose from.


Jul 07, 2013

The ship had a lot of families, A very busy place. Great ship to go with young children or as a young adult.


Apr 18, 2017

Make sure you get online for the tender for HalfMoon


Feb 21, 2013

every thing was great, except the the state room. great food every where on lido deck.


Apr 24, 2013

When you get back from Cozumel there was lack of options on shows. Comedy needs more seating.


Jun 22, 2013

The buffets to me had more of the food Jeff and I liked and there was always plenty of it.


Jul 08, 2013

Go to the Alchemy Bar! Adri and Brian are the most amazing mixologists I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. You can ask for a drink that tastes like anything and they will serve you something that not only tastes amazing but is beautiful! They love their patrons and it shows!


Dec 09, 2014

Get to comedy shows early to get a good seat!


Apr 12, 2011

Empress and Upper decks, port side and all the way forward so called "secret door" which leads outside to the bow of the ship. Spectacular views!


Apr 12, 2011

Don't miss Sur Mer (fish and chips, fried oysters, ceviche and such) above Lido buffet. Perfect spot on embarkation day...not crowded. Sur Mer is not an additional charge restaurant.


Oct 22, 2011

Never plan to have the perfect vacation...just plan on having a good time. This will truly help your stress levels.


Dec 13, 2011

If you are physically able to pack or roll your own luggage then I would do the self assist when disembarking the ship. You move so much faster. I hate sitting around waiting for my group to be called and at this point I'm ready to go home so self assist works for me.


Jan 14, 2012

From MeetOnCruise iPhone App: Remember to have fun. Spend little time nick picking things and remember your on vacation. You have someone cooking for you,cleaning up after you, and waiting on you hand and foot. If you cruise with that in mind you will have a blast, I promise.


Jan 23, 2012

Look for outside area parking lots cheaper.

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