1051 Carnival Conquest Tips


Mar 05, 2015

Eat lunch before 1:30 or selections very limited. Ask for Monet dining room. Renoir which we had has no windows, kind of small.


Apr 01, 2015

Make sure you grab one of the small deck plan brochures and carry it with you so you know where theaters, dining, shops, etc are.


Apr 23, 2015

For example: I forgot one last tour we took. It was the 'Behind the Scene's' tour. Awesome, awesome, awesome! This was worth the price we paid. We got to see where the crew goes & how they live, how the ship runs, where the food is prepared and met the Captain. This is a must do tour!


Apr 29, 2015

To enjoy all the activities on the ship you should highlight the activities on the daily schedule so that you don't miss an activity that you want to attend. Make sure you hydrate the entire cruise.


May 26, 2015

Do not get a room in the back of the ship. The engine vibrates so badly it shakes the entire back half of the ship, and not in a pleasant rocking you to sleep way either. Overall, very disappointed with the ship, I recommend finding a different ship and/or a different cruise line.


Jun 24, 2015

Check out the open deck on the Level 10 forward. It is not on the deck plan. Great place to get away from crowds, but bring your own chair. There is no seating.


Aug 05, 2015

Great staff. Great Cruise Director, Great entertainment and Good food in general. Restaurant staff on assigned dining was top notch.


Sep 04, 2015

Nice job of the all the staff. DJ kept a party going when on. Entertainment was very professionally done. It felt as the main waiter on the seated dinner was confused and rushed at times.


Sep 18, 2015

Definitely go to the Steak House! It is the best meal you will have on the boat and well worth the extra price you have to pay!


Sep 25, 2015

Be sure to take along extra medications like cough syrup etc. We both caught a cold and the Duty Free shop on board wanted $18 for a small 6oz bottle of Nyquil that you can get at Walmart for $7. That was a total ripoff. I refused to pay and suffered with my cough for 2 days.


Oct 08, 2015

Due to a hurricane Carnival cancelled the Grand Turk Port due to safety issues. Which was fine. However, they only refunded us $15.19 for the taxes and port charges for this port. They also did not offer any credit towards a future cruise. I called to complain and all they said was We are sorry.


Dec 28, 2015

The customer service desk staff were great. The beach at grand Turk was awesome. All the ports we stopped at were great.


Dec 29, 2015

Don't take the Christmas Cruise. It should have been decorated for the holidays throughout the ship. Was only decorated in the main lobby. Didn't feel Christmassy at all.


Feb 28, 2018

If you are looking for good food and entertainment spend a little more and choose a different line!


Aug 05, 2018

Explore the ship!! Download the Carnival Hub App. It was a lifesaver! Participate in activities on the ship. FUN FUN


Aug 13, 2018

Make sure you request trash bags if you have toddlers, eventually you will feel the ship moving on the water get a higher cabin so the water feeling is less.


Nov 24, 2018

Definitely make sure you book in an area where quiet is important.


Dec 18, 2018

The breeze and privacy from the balcony are worth it!


Jan 21, 2019

get the drink package its worth it, we regret not getting it and watching our friends enjoy it .. ALSO do not waste your money on the wifi!

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