1051 Carnival Conquest Tips


Jan 26, 2016

The free drink for gold members should be allowed to be used anytime during the trip. Why do I have to wait for the last night.


May 08, 2013

Skip Lido for dinner and dine in one of the restaurants. The food is EXCELLENT! Walking up and down steps is great exercise. Walking the length of the ship where the rooms are located is also great exercise. Take your own bottles of water and you will not have to purchase prior to going on an excursion.


Oct 05, 2013

Dine in the dinning room for breakfast and dinner. Find your way by studying the ship's lay out - what deck you can reach the aft or the forward easily - usually on stateroom floors. Realize that the numbers of the staterooms increase toward back.


Jan 15, 2014

Don't take aft rooms on lower decks 1 or 2 very noisy shop engines.Do take Renoir or Monet dining food and service are top notch


May 17, 2014

Eat buffet after 8 am for breakfast, if you do not have excursion. Take advantage of the sit-down meals at dinner (and at breakfast/lunch, if no excursions) - the service and food are great.


May 27, 2014

Some nights the pizza in the pizzeria had soft crust and other nights it was the perfect crispness. It depended on who was cooking. Don't write off the pizzeria. Just come back another night when someone else is cooking. :)


Jun 02, 2014

If you're planning on using the internet, wait to use it at the ports. There are several places that you can ask for and get on their WIFI. As for dining, choose the "Your time dining" option so that you're not tied to a specific time period for dining.


Jul 13, 2014

Go to the Monet restaurant as often as you can! It's never just "dinner":-)


Aug 05, 2014

Food on the Lido Deck was excellent. The dinners were good. Loved the seafood.


Aug 09, 2014

My tip would be to explore and see the whole ship and enjoy everything it has to offer.


Sep 15, 2014

The waiters for the evening meal were very nice.


Sep 20, 2014

Check out the gym....you would never believe that one was on board.


Sep 21, 2014

Guys burgers were amazing but also the blue iguana!


Sep 27, 2014

For breakfast get your omelets 1st then get your food after because the lines are usually long


Oct 05, 2014

Great selection for breakfast, we enjoyed that


Oct 06, 2014

guys burger great ate there 3 times


Nov 16, 2014

Guy's Burger and Fish and Chips


Feb 10, 2015

Stay on floors 7, 8, & 9 - stay away from six - it is right over everything!


Mar 04, 2015

Bring a big drinking cup to refill.

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