103 Britannia Tips


Dec 14, 2019

Be prepared to walk no lifts in mid ship not a problem for us


Dec 13, 2019

If your fit enough use the stairs lifts seems to take a long time


Dec 02, 2019

Take little battery operated tealights for gentle night lighting. No need to take shower gel as the have The White Company fixed into shoer unit a d generous 100mls shampoo and conditioner for complimentary use. Take little laundry detergent for use in helpful launderette with net laundry bags.


Nov 25, 2019

Don't think about doing everything, it's just not possible 😁


Nov 24, 2019

Sign up to the cookery classes - they are great but terribly undersubscribed for some reason?


Nov 15, 2019

Try the select dining, always best food on board.


Sep 22, 2019

When using the My Holiday app turn airplane mode on with WiFi on but turn data roaming off if you don’t want charged


Sep 18, 2019

Avoid rear decks unless you want a permanent tan in carbon black!! Seriously must be burning wrong derv or engine running off timing!!


Sep 14, 2019

Remember that there is space under the bed for your cases.


Sep 09, 2019

Book everything as early as possible for dining options and trips. Leave spa and salon treatments for in port days when they do special deals. Also why is the thermal suite so expensive on this ship?


Sep 04, 2019

Lovely suite there was noice a couple of times and room shakes a bit when anchor going down but it is a massive room compared to other suites would stay in there again


Jul 20, 2019

Go and enjoy your holiday it’s a lovely ship


Jul 07, 2019

Visit the Limelight Club; very intimate, you are up close with the performer(s)


Jul 01, 2019

Need to get into the Live Lounge early if wanting a seat on party nights.


Jul 01, 2019

Do your research, I hate it when people complain about dress code, alcohol policy etc. When it’s all explained on the website

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